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Donald Trump: Taking Land From Native Americans Justifiable Because They Were “Selfishly Trying to Keep It for Themselves”

Donald Trump has yet again taken social media by storm after answering a question at an impromptu press conference.  A member of the crowd took to a microphone and asked Donald Trump since he has such an isolationist policy and hard words for immigrants, if he thinks his ‘great America’...

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Hillary Clinton Names Elizabeth Warren Vice President, To Run America as ‘Power Lesbian’ Couple

Hillary Clinton has announced Elizabeth Warren as both her running mate and life mate.  In news not shocking to many, Hillary Clinton is bringing girl power to DC in a major way.  It has been long speculated that Hillary deprived Bill Clinton of marital benefits after his scandalous endeavors with...

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Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback delivers his State of the State speech to an annual joint session of the House and Senate at the Statehouse in Topeka, Kan., Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2014. Brownback promised Kansas legislators Wednesday that the tax cuts he championed will spur economic growth and pay for various initiatives, including his all-day kindergarten proposal, saying the policies will build "a state and an economy that works for everyone." (AP Photo/Orlin Wagner)

Kansas Governor to Close Hospitals Due To ‘Medicaid Backlog Being Frustrating’

  Kansas Governor, Sam Brownback, disclosed at a press conference earlier today that he would take action to close hospitals around the state due to the frustrating medicaid backlog. The number of unprocessed Medicaid applications had been about 3,500 people before the state acknowledged earlier this month that the actual figure...

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BREXIT: Obama and Queen Elizabeth II Conspired to Destroy the EU and Cast Britain into an Age of Illuminati Liberal Darkness

Sources confirm the word Brexit is actually and anagram that means Barack Readies Europe for Xenogenic Illuminati Time. Moles within the Obama Administration revealed over a dozen secret meetings between the Obama family, the Royal family, and other powerful figures over the past year. The secretive meetings were all to...

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