obama flying magic carpet

Photograph Shows Obama Flying Magic Carpet While Wearing Terror Clothing

Obama’s history and penchant for collecting ancient relics to make himself more powerful is well documented in the media community. Today staffers with the Trump campaign released a new image that purports to show President Barack Obama, in his younger days, wearing what’s described as a ‘terrorist’s outfit’ as he...

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hillary clinton weakened by sunlight

Hillary Clinton Visibly Weakened By Sunlight, More Proof She Is A Vampire

For years the media community has watched Hillary Clinton inexplicably suffer from weakness and fatigue during the daylight, her staffers brushing aside questions about her health as pure media speculation. But now insiders close to the Hillary Clinton campaign report that the Democratic Presidential nominee has a noticeable penchant for...

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Trump Vows To ‘Cage Crooked Hillary Clinton’ and Charge Her with Crimes Against America

At an impromptu rally and parade in Indiana, Donald Trump went on the offensive and declared all-out-war against Hillary Clinton. ¬†Trump allegedly commissioned a float and promised he would ‘cage crooked Hillary Clinton and charge her with crimes against America’. When prompted to answer what crimes he would levy against...

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Empowered by Obama, Gays Perform Military Coup in Seattle and Declare It “Gay Capital, USA”

Overnight ground reports from Seattle indicate powerful gay leaders in the region have pooled their vast resources and performed a military coup, overthrowing the last of the city’s conservative leaders and capturing vocally loud opponents. Eyewitness reports that as early as 7 pm last night, a group of militaristic men...

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Trump: “Putin Called Obama the N-Word, I hope He Likes Me”

Wasting no time getting into the headlines a day after the Democratic National Convention, Trump was in common form as he doubled-down on his talking points about Vladmir Putin. Liberal media is still reminding everyone that Trump suggested the Russians should reveal any juicy emails that involve Hillary Clinton violating...

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Donald Trump To Create “New Fox News”, Drafts O’Reilly, Hannity and Carlson To Be His Newscasters

A big shakeup is taking place at Fox News only hours after Donald Trump was officially nominated as the GOPs pick for presidential candidate. Sources confirm that Trump plans to create an ‘all-male’ Republican news network, lead by Bill O’Reilly, Gretchen Carlson and Sean Hannity after his media nemesis and...

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