Donald Trump Buys Mansion For Homeless Black Woman Who Protected His Hollywood Star

Last week, a homeless woman in California was attacked by a mob of liberal Clinton supporters after she tried to protect Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Trump — touched by the homeless woman’s selfless act and heartbroken that Clinton’s supporters would attack her — sought her...

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Hillary Clinton Destroys Donald Trump’s Star At Hollywood Walk of Fame

Fulfilling ancient Sumerian prophecy, Hillary Clinton has ‘destroyed a star named after her greatest foe’ on the eve of the 2016 election of destiny. This morning the residents of Hollywood, California, thought a major earthquake had taken place, but were shocked to learn that the United States Geological surveyors did...

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Hillary Clinton Summons Black Skull Hurricane Matthew to Destroy Christian America and Cast a New Age of Liberal Darkness

As the dark age of Obama comes to an end, there arises an even more sinister harbinger of doom for America’s faithful:  Hillary Clinton. As her power grows amidst the fall of Donald Trump, Clinton today showed off her mastery of dark liberal forces by summoning a hurricane off America’s...

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Confirmed: Hillary Clinton Sabotaged Donald Trump’s Mic At First Presidential Debate

During the first presidential debate, frontrunner candidate Donald Trump announced that it seemed his microphone was rigged to ‘cut in and out’.  Clinton scoffed at the suggestion that she may have cheated, but now sources at The Atlantic are confirming there were actually issues with Donald Trump’s microphone and eyewitnesses...

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obama flying magic carpet

Photograph Shows Obama Flying Magic Carpet While Wearing Terror Clothing

Obama’s history and penchant for collecting ancient relics to make himself more powerful is well documented in the media community. Today staffers with the Trump campaign released a new image that purports to show President Barack Obama, in his younger days, wearing what’s described as a ‘terrorist’s outfit’ as he...

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hillary clinton weakened by sunlight

Hillary Clinton Visibly Weakened By Sunlight, More Proof She Is A Vampire

For years the media community has watched Hillary Clinton inexplicably suffer from weakness and fatigue during the daylight, her staffers brushing aside questions about her health as pure media speculation. But now insiders close to the Hillary Clinton campaign report that the Democratic Presidential nominee has a noticeable penchant for...

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