Civilian Drone Fires Handgun

A new video that shows a drone firing a handgun is causing waves of controversy. The FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) does not allow any civilian aircraft to contain weaponry of any sort, yet, this video clearly shows a drone has been fitted with a handgun. Anti-gun advocates are concerned that...

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Gay Marriage Causing Increase in Quaalude Demand, Crash of NYSE

Quaaludes, famously known as ‘gay aspirin’ in pop-culture, are making a cultural resurgence now that Obama’s Supreme Court cronies have legalized gay marriage in America. The quaalude drug is considered a ‘must-have’ for the novice to homosexuality, as it relaxes the human body’s typically firm and tight sphincter muscles. Coupled...

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How To Arrest A Black People

Somewhere along the line, it seems that someone must have published a book entitled, “How To Arrest A Black People” (sic) because that is the only way we can live in a nation where officers of the law feel the need to strangle-hold a black man for selling bootleg cigarettes,...

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