How To Arrest A Black People

Somewhere along the line, it seems that someone must have published a book entitled, “How To Arrest A Black People” (sic) because that is the only way we can live in a nation where officers of the law feel the need to strangle-hold a black man for selling bootleg cigarettes,...

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Steve Buscemi Was a Firefighter Before Actor, Quietly Returned to Engine No. 55 After 9/11 To Work 12 Hour Shifts Sifting Through Debris

Steve Buscemi has always had a very likable ‘everyman’ quality about himself, on-screen and off-screen.  The reason this quality stands out in Buscemi may very well be the reason he was inclined to join the great FDNY. From about 1980 to 1984, Buscemi served among New York’s greatest heroes as...

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Why Is Obama Flooding Texas?

By now we all know that Obama has a grudge against the fine people of Texas.  On July 15th, Obama plans to invade the state and declare martial law so he can force gay marriage and Obamacare welfare down our throats. Moral men like Governor Abbott came out with a...

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