Are The Gays Mind Controlling President Obama?

Have gays conspired to mind control President Obama to spread their agenda throughout the world and destroy Christianity by 2016? With their powerful Wall Street networks and affinity for academia — particularly sciences and fine arts — gays have quickly become one of the most powerful interest groups of modern...

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gay marriage three person babies

Gay Marriage: Mother Gives Birth To Child, Maternity Test Reveals She Is Not The Mother

Galway City, Ireland – Gay marriage legalization has destroyed a heterosexual marriage in Ireland and given Christian couples yet another threat to worry about. Gavin O’Malley, of Galway City, Ireland, is the victim of having a wife who failed a maternity test. ┬áThe backstory here took place several weeks ago...

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Civilian Drone Fires Handgun

A new video that shows a drone firing a handgun is causing waves of controversy. The FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) does not allow any civilian aircraft to contain weaponry of any sort, yet, this video clearly shows a drone has been fitted with a handgun. Anti-gun advocates are concerned that...

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Gay Marriage Causing Increase in Quaalude Demand, Crash of NYSE

Quaaludes, famously known as ‘gay aspirin’ in pop-culture, are making a cultural resurgence now that Obama’s Supreme Court cronies have legalized gay marriage in America. The quaalude drug is considered a ‘must-have’ for the novice to homosexuality, as it relaxes the human body’s typically firm and tight sphincter muscles. Coupled...

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