christian chemtrails

Secret Christian Chemtrail Missions Reverse Homosexuality in Texas Town

Granbury, Texas – Christian freedom fighters in Texas have successfully launched the first counter-offensive to the aftermath of Obama’s Jade Helm invasion. On July 15th, Obama wasted no time smothering Texan skies with homosexual chemtrails emitted from high-velocity jets and B-59s.  These missions proved devastating to Texas and other Christian...

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Are Genetic Homosexuals Planning The Destruction of Heterosexual Species?

In Marvel’s hit cinematic masterpiece ‘The X-men’, the powerfully gay mutant Magneto easily dominates the masculine and testosterone filled Wolverine, a man’s whose passion for Christianity and same-sex marriage defines his sleepless mission for justice.  This scene captures what is happening to Christians in modern society and is Marvel’s way...

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obama-supermoon (2)

Obama Occultists Dance Under Super Moon To Worship Age of New Dark Illuminati

Obama extends his left hand over the masses gathered in rainy Washington, D.C. this evening, all out so they could celebrate the August 29th supermoon during the witching hours of night. Democrats in DC are celebrating their latest accomplishments in destroying America’s relationship with Jesus tonight. Gathered under the supermoon,...

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obama straight out of kenya

Straight Outta Kenya: The Story of How One Man Named Obama Destroyed Christian America

America is now about to witness the power of Liberal Darkness. Straight outta Kenya, crazy ‘president’ named Obama who, gives all his speeches with ‘Uhhh, uhh’ platitudes, When he’s pissed off, your rights are striked off, Unleashes Jade Helm and Americans are hauled off, Down in Texas puttin’ gay chemtrails...

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