obama-supermoon (2)

Obama Occultists Dance Under Super Moon To Worship Age of New Dark Illuminati

Obama extends his left hand over the masses gathered in rainy Washington, D.C. this evening, all out so they could celebrate the August 29th supermoon during the witching hours of night. Democrats in DC are celebrating their latest accomplishments in destroying America’s relationship with Jesus tonight. Gathered under the supermoon,...

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obama straight out of kenya

Straight Outta Kenya: The Story of How One Man Named Obama Destroyed Christian America

America is now about to witness the power of Liberal Darkness. Straight outta Kenya, crazy ‘president’ named Obama who, gives all his speeches with ‘Uhhh, uhh’ platitudes, When he’s pissed off, your rights are striked off, Unleashes Jade Helm and Americans are hauled off, Down in Texas puttin’ gay chemtrails...

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flying homosexual chemtrail fireants

Swarms of Flying Homosexual Chemtrail Fire Ants Are Coming For England

The World Heath Organization has put England on high alert as swarms of genetically engineered fire ants have been seen swarming the countryside in quick approach to London.   The ants have been laced with chemical homosexuality via a modified homosexual chemtrail containing liquid sweat from gay men. These mutated...

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