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Dunkin Donuts Counters Starbucks Pagan Lesbian Lilith Cups with Christian ‘Joy’ Cups This Holiday Season

Lesbians — famous for engaging in ancient pagan rituals that involves refusing a man and featherplay — hatched a scheme to associate Christmas with Lilith, the goddess of lesbianism. On the sides of Starbucks cups, which are purchased by billions of Christians every holiday season, lesbian baristas tried to covertly...

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lesbian starbucks cups christmas

Starbucks Helps Lesbians Declare War on Christmas, Place ‘Lillith’ The Goddess of Lesbianism on Christmas Cups to Replace Jesus

Lesbian baristas who tend to work at Starbucks have used their position of power to promote not only a lesbian agenda to customers, but to destroy Christmas. It is a well-known fact that the corporate world is powered by high-end coffees.  With pithy corporate executives forced to work early morning...

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Vaping Responsible for Meteoric Rise of Homosexuality

The CDC confirms that vaping is responsible for the dramatic increase in the global per-capita rate of homosexuality.  The CDC’s new studies of the risks confirm the observational commentary conservative scientists and parishioners have said all along. Freudian behaviorists established a direct correlation between male homosexuality and a learned obsessive...

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Gay Hairstylists Trick Donald Trump Into Top Knot, Texas Pastors Unleash Prayer to Counter Possible Homosexuality

Donald Trump had a dangerously close encounter with homosexuality while in Texas.   Still recovering from Obama’s 2015 Jade Helm invasion, many Texas towns have strongholds of homosexuality where converted men are still combating an internal battle with their homosexuality. One former barbershop outside Austin, Texas, called the ‘Maverick’s Mane’...

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Gays Invent ‘Pig Play’ To Force Rugged Outdoorsmen Into Homosexuality

Typically suave and well-groomed, gays are disguising themselves as ‘backwood country-folk’ along the nation’s best fishing banks and hunting grounds.  When fresh groups of straight friends –usually assortments of doctors, lawyers and businessmen — go to these areas for rafting and hunting, they don’t suspect the locals are actually gays...

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Pope Francis Exorcises Congress of John Boehner

Citing he sensed demons of great deception and greed, Pope Francis took time to perform an exorcism upon Congress itself to help set America straight. Only moments after Pope Francis announced the exorcism, Senators Pelosi, Harry Reid, McConnell and Representative Boehner all were seen holding hands and looking concerned, helplessly watching...

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Proof That #AllLivesMatter

Proof that #AllLivesMatter. Life is something only sacred due to one’s race, gender or profession, but life is more than that. Life extends beyond humans. It is important to remember to celebrate and respect all life, including that of our other animal friends. Just a little love and kindness truly...

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