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President Trump To Throw Unmarried Foreign Gays Out of Country

Of all Gods creations on Earth, the lone gay wolf is perhaps the most venerable. Exotic, wild-eyed and lusty.

Armed with this knowledge, President Trump today announced that all non-married foreign gays have until December 31st to get married, or they will be thrown out of the US. For years moral media outlets have warned that the most exotic and dangerous of gay men are those of foreign countries, especially the romance countries of Western Europe though Canadians, Brazilians and Mexicans cannot be overlooked.

Trump sent this directive to the UN so that everyone would have ample warning. For years steel-eyed foreign men of done their best to woo heterosexual American men with their lavish accents, European eccentricities and well-tanned Greek biceps.

Eyes still steel-blue and glossy like a midnight iceberg after being dosed with homosexual-chemtrail laced ink from North Korea, a recovering President Trump took quick action to immediately ban all foreign government officials who are gay and not married from the United States, effective December 31st, 2018.

Coming to America and testing the morality of good steadfast men is seen as a right of passage in the international gay community. Moles buried deep within the social circles of gays confirm that they keep ‘count lists’ and brag on how many heterosexual marriages and men they lure out to 8-ball fueled raves and ply them with martinis, cosmos and pineapple kissed quaalude spritzers, then leave them confused with shameful memories of foreign male DNA and fleshy flashbacks the next morning.

Sociologists with the Christian Defense League of Texas report that unmarried gays 55% more likely to concoct an elaborate scheme to seduce heterosexuals. Only days ago, a shocking investigative report revealed that the gay community sold the North Koreans a highly sophisticated ink laced with homosexual chemtrails on the black market. The North Koreans unleashed a series of love letters on President Trump, causing him to make some bizarre statements of his physical and emotional love with Kim Jong Un.

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