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As Obama Looted, President Trump Saves Two Kittens During Hurricane Florence

In this undated photograph, President Trump can be seen rescuing two kittens while in the background Obama is looting name brand fabrics from the Hurricane Florence flood zone.

President Trump visited the Carolinas over the weekend to survey the damage from Obama’s Hurricane Florence.  The devastation was unreal and Biblical:  venomous serpents emerging from the waters, churches torn asunder and tremendously wet water.

A photographer released the photo to the news media, where liberal outlets tried to quickly bury the story of President Trump’s heroics.

Without hesitation, President Trump immediately jumped into the water and grabbed the two pussy cats.  In the background, Obama can be seen trying to steal Trump’s thunder by getting in the photograph but he forgot he was holding a pile of fur coats and mink jackets, likely for Michelle Obama.

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