Obama Caught Summoning Hurricane Florence To Make Trump’s Hurricane Response Look Bad

Obama’s acquiring of ancient occult powers has been well documented in the moral media community.  In this recent photograph, Obama is seen standing before a desecrated Civil War monument in South Carolina and summoning Hurricane Florence.

Bewildered scientists with the National Weather Service are calling Hurricane Florence ‘the storm of a lifetime’, its fury and unexpected rise the likes of which modern man has never seen.

President Donald Trump followed the apocalyptic warning by telling Americans the hurricane will be ‘tremendously big and tremendously wet‘.  Trump went on to remind everyone of his ‘incredibly successful’ handling of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico that resulted in 3000 lives lost and Americans who are still without adequate food, water, medicine and electricity following the storm’s aftermath.

Yesterday, reports surfaced that Trump silently transferred $9.8 million from FEMA, who would deal with things like helping Americans after a hurricane, to ICE, the agency responsible for deporting adults and caged children at Trump’s order.

This is all Obama’s fault.  Despite not being the US president, Obama somehow new that Trump’s hand is weak right now after transferring money specifically to help with hurricane disaster recovery.  He knew the public may be somewhat upset over Puerto Rico.  And with all the politicking distractions in DC, Trump just doesn’t have time to deal with a national disaster in the making.

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    Truth Teller says

    If he was this powerful trump would not be in office.

  2. Reply
    Truth Teller says

    he is powerful.

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    Dennis Dalton says

    If I were there, I would have doused him with holy oils and ruined his summoning!!!

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