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Alert: Barack Obama Grows A Beard

The Christian Defender League of Texas has issued a MORAL ALERT because Barack Obama has grown a terror beard.

Until this time, Obama has chosen to conceal the fact that he is not a Christian but instead a mideastern demigod with capabilities of space-time distortion, mind-control and mastery of dark sciences.  Now upon his chin, we can see he is growing a beard that looks none different than ancient Egyptian statues of pharaohs or more recently Osama bin Laden.

Scholars with the Christian Defender League are interpreting celestial events to see what sort of maladies await the moral faithful in these fateful hours for humanity.

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If anyone comes across Obama, they are being warned to cover the eyes and ears of their children and run away, for his words can brainwash to think fondly of liberal philosophy and historical skewing of events.

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