Obama Orders Navy Pilot to Draw Subliminal Homosexual Chemtrails Over American’s Skies

Obama still has sleeper agents in the United States government.  Officials with the Christian Defender League of Texas confirm that at approximately 12:50 pm, the United States Navy flew homosexual sorties over the skies of Washington.  When the missions were over, citizens who looked skyward saw the following display of subliminal homosexual chemtrails:

[adinserter block=”3″]  Eyewitness reports several cars drove off the side of the road into ditches, men springing from the cars and sprinting with an awkward sashay in their gate as they rushed each other to give sensual embrace.

Medical facilities confirm that families called Emergency Medical Responders to at least 3 dozen incident scenes where sudden outbreaks of homosexuality were taking place.  Men were reported to be locking eyes with one another, in some sort of intense and unbreakable lust gave them strong affinity to one another.

Musk marking, sudden and fiercely accented words and overwhelming need to exercise were reported in the men, who are all recovering.

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    Hank says

    Nothing a strong Godly gust of Eastern winds cannot fix!

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    Cake says

    My gay ass loves this website. Bless it, and bless the person (people?) behind it.

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