Why Did Obama Order Trump’s Twitter Shut Down for 11 Minutes

It was the darkest 11 minutes in modern American history.  By the power of Obama, President Trump was cut off from his 41.7 million followers.

Sources with the Christian Defender League of America report that Obama likely unleashed the unholy “404” error rite upon President Trump’s Twitter feed.

Moral publications have reported on this phenomena in years past:

The 404 Error message was created by an unholy menagerie of unfriendly atheists, Democrats, liberals and Left-wing Soviets in the Year of our Lord 1992. We’re told through electronic pathogens and demonic incantation rituals, they managed to create ways to electronically limit the amount of lost souls and seekers of truth that ‘web servers’ could process in a given minute.


Twitter claimed that an employee accidentally took down the feed, but such claims are without merit or basis.  This is clearly the work of Barack Obama and he is sending a message of power to President Trump.

For years the dark powers of Obama have been reported upon.  He has unleashed advanced robots upon those of faith in China, he has claimed his Kenyan birthright and acquired ancient artifacts to become an Egyptian-styled demigod.  Numerous reports of Obama being able to brainwash the masses with a wave of his hand and using an advanced mastery of sciences to help gays convert people to homosexuality so that marriage and thus moral lineages in America could be destroyed exist.

Obama’s control over the Internet and technology were first reported in 2010.  Obama claimed a Greek artifact of Haphaestus as his and allegedly bashed the statue open during a basement Illuminati ceremony in the basement of the White House, where the statue was pommeled down and then inhaled by Obama.  Staffers reported that after doing this, Obama could simply touch his hand to a technological device and have full control over it.



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    Susan says

    Hahahahaha how do people actually believe this shit.

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      Jonah says

      Some of us have seen Obama’s power first hand. I looked into the sun during the eclipse, and was forced to become a Democrat.

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