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Study: Despite Massive Outpouring of Thoughts and Prayers, Gun Violence Continues to Rise in America

Officials with the Christian Defense League of Texas are in absolute shock after a new scientific study found that despite massive outpourings of thoughts and prayers following catastrophic displays of gun violence, it seems that gun violence only grows more and more severe in the United States.

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In a released statement, the CDL of Texas refuted findings that show despite a massive outpouring of thoughts and prayers following every major shooting event in US history, there seems to be no decrease in gun-related deaths.

According to gun violence data, there are an estimated 47,141 gun-related incidents to date in the United States in 2017.  Of those incidents, there have been 11,789 deaths due to gunfire.   The numbers continue to pile up despite calls unto the Heavens unleashed by Americans.

Leaders within the right-wing community are urging Americans to stay the course and not give much thought to resolving issues with gun violence.  Perhaps there is a critical threshold where there will be just enough gun violence inflicted upon people in school, movie theaters, concerts and street restaurants that God will just say ‘okay, they finally hit that gun-violence threshold and asked for just the right amount of help.  Enough is enough.”

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