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I Am Extremely Terrified of Gay People, But I’m Not Racist

With their boundless energy, chiseled physiques and enhanced mental acuity from the surging hormones coalescing with fiercely mixed spirits routinely consumed with opiod-infused eight-ball during weekend benders, gay men are a formidable spectacle of nature that leave housewives yearning for their sensuality and straight dads jealous of their exotic, child-free millionaire lifestyles.

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But what many men fail to realize is one thing:  gay men have an Achilles heel.  They love to live life on the edge and have an intense passion for competition.  In their mind, there is an ultimate goal in life that gives them the most intense adrenaline filled rush:  the hung for their favorite prey, the unsuspecting straight male.

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Through advanced sciences, political schemes, homosexual chemtrail conspiracy to media manipulation, the gay community has employed various tactics over the years to make the chase a bit faster and easier for their busy schedules.  In today’s liberal society, social media and law have colluded in efforts to let gays easily pass laws, customs and norms that allow them to secretly stalk and groom straight men into thinking they are mingling with a woman, and then show that instead love has been formed with a gay man for the big reveal.

There is a saying that has been passed on for generations:  if you give a gay man an inch, he will keep pushing for a mile.

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Every straight man is at high risk of being abducted from being straight and awakening into a homosexual stupor.

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