Should President Trump Only Call It ‘Terrorism’ If the Crime Is Committed By Brown People?

Moments after a car plowed through a field of anti-supremacist protesters in Charlotsville, Virginia, killing one and injuring more than 19, video surfaced and social media went aflame with livid commentary condemning the act as an act of terrorism.

President Trump did not condemn the specific act that left a person dead nor had anything to say about those protesting because they wanted to keep a statue of General Lee, the military leader of the Confederacy who actively promoted and fought to oppress minorities into slavery. LA Times reported that after receiving hours worth of criticism from all over the globe, including American citizens and specifically Republican officials, President Trump finally gave a statement released via Twitter to not condemn any specific acts, but instead use vague words of ‘unity’ for people rallying in his name in the name of supremacy.

This brings the question, is it only called terrorism if brown people are doing the running over of people with cars or calling for the destruction and rule over other groups of people, vowing to instill fear in their hearts in the process?

Considering that local police did not send out legions of officers with tanks and anti-riot gear and President Trump is condemning everyone for making him have to say something, it tells all that is needed to be known.

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    Walls says

    Let us not blow this out of proportion. President Trump went ahead adn issued a statement and called for unity. What did Obama do?

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