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Trump Orders New EPA To Use HAARP Weather Machine To Topple Giant Sequoia Tunnel Tree in California

Angered by California’s liberal-bent in the face of his presidency, President-elect Donald Trump made a show of his presidential power by ordering the EPA to turn HAARP weather machine “upon the loser left wing treehuggers” of California.

[adinserter block=”3″]Ever year, thousands of Democratic environmental activists are known to go visit and even worship at the Giant Sequoia Tunnel Tree, a hearty monument first contracted in the 1800s by prospectors who traveled through what is now the Redwood national forest.   With the destruction of the tree today vis-a-vis a torrential downfall of unprecedented rain, wind gusts and freezing ice, liberal newscasters are in a state of panic and mourning the Pioneer Cabin Tree Bridge that now lies in ruin.

For years Hollywood elite have pooled their vast wealth and legal resources to make the California Redwood region untouchable, which many conservative scientists and economists insist is preposterous and a ‘waste of space and money’.   One report by the CSRC advises, “Redwood trees make for wonderful firewood, the rich smoky aroma of its spent embers giving a classic crackling that could be marketed and make billions of dollars.  The prime real estate where the California redwood forest currently sits is a multi-billion dollar deal for America that could eventually generate trillions of dollars if the park can be torn down and replaced with a commercial and residential industrial center”.

With the destruction of the key tree, we can see President Trump is privy to do what is best for America’s economy and replace worthless national parks with something that is more functional and will benefit all Americans.

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