Should Donald Trump Order A US Invasion of California?

The Republic of California is a marijuana-addicted badland filled with imported terrorists, illegals and homosexual strongholds that serve as the greatest threat to America’s way of life.


With full control of the government, Republicans must quickly act to allow Donald Trump to declare war on California and lead a US invasion that will allow us to not only build a democracy there, but keep Americans back home safe from being influenced by the liberal California lifestyle.

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How Does California Serve as The Greatest Danger to My Family?

  •  Homosexuals
    • In the Northern regions of California, there is a giant sodomy megalopolis whose cultural center is San Francisco, California.  This city is home to elite gay think tanks, who use their vast resources and mastery of science to concoct things like chemical weapons, light displays and generic engineering that are unleashed on straight American men to turn them gay.
  • Illegal Mexicans/Homegrown Terrorists
    • There are over 2.5 million illegal Mexicans in California.  America currently does not require a passport when traveling into California by plane or road, so each and every Mexican can easily slip into any small city or town in the United States where reports show they tend to create fake aliases and steal jobs from true Americans.  These illegals tend to give birth to anchor babies, so despite whatever they do they can apply to be an Obama dreamer and have diplomatic immunity, all while collecting welfare and reaping havoc upon the lives of everyday Americans.
  • Liberal Media
    • California is home to the Soviet-era propaganda machine NBC and MSNBC.com.  These organizations along with CNN, Huffpost and the like use billions of dollars in social media and television broadcasts to trick impressionable American youth into thinking unnatural thoughts.  For years the liberal California media used sitcoms to confuse youths as to the definition of marriage, which cultimated in Obama being able to normalize and legalize homosexuality in the United States.

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With the Obama presidency coming to an end, it is time for America to protect itself from foreign dangers who seek to destroy the American way of life.  Obama has allowed illegals to take up residences in our cities, he has allowed homosexuality to ran rampant in the streets and he has allowed possible terrorists to hide in our countryside.

Rallying US and Russian/NATO Forces Against California

California is the world’s fifth strongest economy and houses the world’s most technologically advanced infrastructure.  Its streets are littered with illegals, homegrown terrorists and hardened gang members who all would make a perfect militia.  Analysts predict that a California invasion would be no easy task and a strong Eastern force would be necessary for conquest and control.

A Russian-led NATO force from the East is the safest option in ensuring Californians cannot regroup and retreat into the Pacific.

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  1. Reply
    Tripp says

    Now that Obummer is finally leaving office I bet Putin would be more than happy to help President Trump invade that country. I looked it up and just like Mexico it is connected to the continental US so time is of the essence. I will gladly sign up I want my family SAFE and not being invaded by Californians, Mexians, Iran, Syrians and all of Obama’s other sanctuary friends these people want to do nothing but invade us and force us to agree with their shareah law.

    • Reply
      DanaP says

      Hey Tripp and Austin, how about both of you asshats go back to whatever country your ancestors came from! Too God damn bad some of mine didn’t kill every damn European to step foot off those boats!

      • Reply
        Tripp says

        The name of the country is ‘AMERICA’ and guess what that is where I was born! Come January 20th our nation will finally have someone who loves this country and guess what was BORN here too so when President Donald Trump says ‘I need some brave men to join my army so that we can make the world safe again’ I will be more than happy to stand by his side and get back to bringing America’s freedom where needed and from what I hear of California there are a bunch of people there who need to be brought some freedom.

  2. Reply
    Austin says

    Where do I sign up will be happy to join president trumps army!

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