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Who Cares if Russia Helped Trump Win, Obama Appointed Czars To America’s Government

The hypocrite Democrat party is now touting a new report from the CIA which shows Russia hacked into the DNC and lead to Donald Trump winning the presidential election.

russian-villagersSure, that sort of thing is what forced Richard Nixon to resign, but what is important to remember is that Obama appointed CZARS to the government of the United States of America!

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For those who don’t know, CZAR means ‘former Russian emperor’.  Obama has secretly appointed five dozen Czars and each time it happens it means something bad for America.  Communism!

A few years ago Obama, out of nowhere, appointed an EBOLA Czar.  EBOLA!   For those who do not remember, the B.O. in Ebola literally stands for Barack Obama.  He appointed a Czar for the very illness he bioengineered to weaken his opponents.  Then appointed an Ebola Czar to carry out his commands.

The next thing you know, it was Armageddon.  The dead were rising in the streets, Revelations was live action.


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