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With Fidel Castro Finally Dead, Is It Time For A US Invasion of Cuba?

Unable to handle the thought of a Reagan-era presidency reborn with Donald Trump, dictator Fidel Castro of Cuba has finally fallen to the hands of freedom.

a4ccd2526508f968ddb8e93452de05afNow that Cuba is without the man who tried to bring communism to the America’s hemisphere, the United States is in a prime position to officially bring in Cuba as the 51st American state.

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President-elect Donald Trump has already personally lifted the long-standing trade embargo with Cuba years ago, so the people and the land are ripe for the picking.

But as history has taught, Cuba itself is still a land of 50s beatniks, the forefathers of hippies and Trotsky communists who gave birth to the modern Obama supporting liberals in America.

[adinserter block=”3″]People there were Kennedy-era khaki trousers and white button down shirts, their opulent and carefree attire adorned by the backdrop of classic American cars and quaint cafes.  The land is rife with liberal-elites in the making, a land where Obama tried to spread his influence in hopes of reigning in Cuba as a left-wing territory of agnostic Americans who are not truly citizens but benefit from all the tax-free protections of the most powerful nation on Earth.

It is far too risky to let Cuba continue on a path of independence.   With Trump as president and Republicans at the helm in Congress, the US battleship of destruction must be aimed at Cuba.  The people must be forced to realize that their way will be one with the American way.

An invasion of Cuba will also give America a stepping stone in the Atlantic, as England is another nation where a US-invasion by Trump is only logical and America’s right.

America’s Manifest Destiny

freedom-trumpAmerica is at its best and strongest when it is at war with an outside enemy.  Humanity is at its best when America is loud, ignoring other nations and bossing all other governments around.

With Obama’s weak war policies, the unguided countries of the world have grown boisterous and out of control.  It is in America’s best interest to quickly invade and commit to war against the following, in sequential order:  Cuba, England, Mexico, Canada (America Minor).

With these lands locked in as American states by the year 2050, the US will truly be great again and also hold such influence that all lands will have no choice but to finally embrace the banner of freedom for mankind, for all ages.

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