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Once Elected, Hillary Clinton Plans To Let Gays Use HAARP Weather Machine To Rain Down Destruction Upon the Righteous

Hillary Clinton plans to destroy strongholds of righteousness in America by giving gays the power to cast destructive acts of nature upon the righteous.

iwsojam9noikqvwv15d4Insiders close to the Clinton administration confirm that President Clinton plans to continue Obama’s campaign to route out all morality in America, so it may be converted into a dread kingdom of liberal darkness.

With conservatives in Texas still recovering from the Jade Helm invasion and nuclear families under attack from gay marriage, Clinton plans to unleash a ‘two-pronged’ attack against the heartland of America.

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Last night, gays turned the HAARP machine against the town of Cushing, Oklahoma.  Source report that several months ago, a cabal of wealthy gays laid claim to a large-cache of condensed oil found deep in the ground.  Through last-minute negotiations, Republicans were able to pass legislation that prevented the gays from using the oil for nefarious, sensual purposes so that it instead could be used to profit businesses and trickle down to the good people of the state of Oklahoma.

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Vexed, gays promised they would have their revenge and it seems that Clinton is more than happy to do so.  A mole within the Clinton administration reports, “conservatives have long used the weather to punish gays for getting married and forcing same-sex education in schools.  Now, President Clinton plans to turn the tables on them and use catastrophic weather as punishment against them if they don’t fall in line with her liberal rule.”


Trump is using his backup Twitter account to warn America of Clinton’s plans to allow gays to use HAARP, rallying support from his followers just hours before polls open.

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