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Hillary Clinton Visits Cage of Captured Christians, Vows to Release Them if They Denounce Jesus and Donald Trump

Already presuming herself the next President of the United States, Hillary Clinton has ordered a ‘catch and release’ program for people of the Christian faith.

19women-large2_According to sources in Washington, DC, Obama has already started to transition his power to Clinton. ¬†Clinton has wasted no time using Obama’s extensive database on Americans to single out ‘rural, isolated people of faith’ and hold them in detention centers, where they are reportedly subjected to North Korean styled brainwashing and demands to abandon their faith and the GOP candidate for president.

[adinserter block=”6″]While many family members may presume that their family members with ‘strong faith’ may be ignoring their phone calls or Facebook messages because of political differences, the reality is that many of these people are being held captive by Democratic operatives who wills top at nothing to make sure Hillary Clinton wins the election on November 8th.

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Insiders close to the Clinton campaign have warned this is only the beginning and warn that Clinton’s goal will be to declare war on Christianity and upon the smoldering ashes of faith and righteousness, turn America into an empire of liberal darkness.

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