Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Plans to Destroy Jesus, Take America’s Guns

It is now apparent why only one week ago, Hillary Clinton secretly plotted to send drones after Wikeleaks founder Julian Assange.

New staggering revelations show that Hillary Clinton is planning to destroy America by taking away its guns, so that Christians will have no way to defend themselves when she sends her personal SS after them.

hillary-clinton-devilWikileaks revealed new emails and even video of high ranking Clinton regime officials revealing their plot to take away guns from Americans by 2018.

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Clinton plans to pass an executive order which does not allow the buying or selling of any new civilian weapons. She then plans to use lists compiled by the Obama administration to track down gun owners, only allowing those who ‘comply with the new federal standard’ to keep their weapons. The new federal standard is simple: destroy the Christian faith.

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Clinton supporters will rabidly deny the truth, but reports have already surfaced that Clinton plans to not only destroy Christianity in America, but also overthrow the Pope and utilize still existent laws put in place by King Henry VIII to give herself authority over all churches in England.

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    Someone Actually says

    ??? I think Jesus can hold his own if someone tries to destroy him! This article is laughable and mischievous. May God forgive you for this blasphemy.

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