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Obama Teaches Hillary Clinton Dark Arts To Rule America

With the US election ebbing near, Barack Obama is grooming Hillary Clinton to rule America with a dark, iron fist.

Today an anonymous source wikileaked the image below onto the web. The image clearly show Obama in some sort of Illuminati mage robes, teaching Hillary Clinton how to cast dark magicks upon moral Americans who refuse to bend to her will.

obama-teaches-hillary-clinton-dark-arts-to-rule-americaLast week we saw evidence of Clinton’s growing mastery of the dark arts. During the presidential debate, the usually composed and insightful Trump had moments where his words were lost to him and his focus was gone.  As suspected after Clinton managed to get Bernie Sanders to side with her after cheating him out of the Democratic nomination, Clinton’s abilities include manipulation of reality and the human mind.

[adinserter block=”3″]Trump, confused, stated that he did not believe Obama was from Kenya, which many in the media community know is not true.  Obama was not born in the continental United States and is not an American citizen.  But Trump’s tongue was forced to say otherwise and the image shows Clinton is reveling in Obama’s lessons in the dark arts.

Most recently, Hillary is subtly taking credit for afflicting unprecedented weather conditions upon battleground election states, intimidating voters to let them know what fate awaits them if they fail to do her bidding and vote against Trump.  Clinton stated, “[the recent storms] are not to be blamed on mankind, not even man, but a very powerful woman.”

The Capitalist Conservative Legion of Texas is recommending moral Americans to diversify their portfolio into safer European markets of Judeo-Christian nations, as Clinton’s dark power will only grow and be aimed to destroy values, morality and conservatism.


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