Hillary Clinton Summons Black Skull Hurricane Matthew to Destroy Christian America and Cast a New Age of Liberal Darkness

As the dark age of Obama comes to an end, there arises an even more sinister harbinger of doom for America’s faithful:  Hillary Clinton.

As her power grows amidst the fall of Donald Trump, Clinton today showed off her mastery of dark liberal forces by summoning a hurricane off America’s East Coast.

[adinserter block=”3″]The National Weather Service released an image that has baffled scientists, as the hurricane took the form of a dark, angry skull on weather radar. National polls showed that over the past month, Donald Trump began to close in on Hillary Clinton’s lead in the pivotal electoral state of Florida.

Concerned insiders within the Clinton campaign reported that after learning Trump had closed her lead to below 1 percent, Clinton was heard speaking in a deep, garbled voice beneath the White House, speaking a language that closely resembled ‘ancient Sumerian’.  Only moments later, baffled meteorologists began to track one of the most eerie looking hurricanes in the history of the Western world.

nasa_20161005145106261_6263261_ver1-0_640_360 New polls show that in the wake of the storm, Clinton’s lead over Trump has immediately increased by 4 percent. Such dark mastery over reality ties into Clinton’s storied masonic background.

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    Janet says

    Why are people voting this woman into office? She hides emails, makes all the faces and does not value the sanctity of life. We had enough bad weather with Obama legalizing gay marriage all over the place but now we can see Hillary just as dangerous. Truly dark and scary times, please vote for Donald Trump he really is America’s only hope to get out of this mess.

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      Shane says

      No Janet, I will NOT vote for that chauvinistic pig Donald Trump. Mrs. Clinton has my vote and is going to win in a LANDSLIDE. Just like America wants 😉

      Deal with this…

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    Brent says

    I really thought this was more work by Obama. A few years back I read a report of how he has a weather influencing machine named HAARP. It is used to create the ‘data’ these left wing scientists are using to try to convince everyone that the Earth is warming but really it is just another scheme to raise taxes.

    But there is just something not quite right about Clinton and I would not be surprised if she is practicing some dark arts of some sort too. I agree with Janet and really do hope and pray that America opens their eyes and votes Trump. The man’s heart is for the country.

    No, he is not a career politician and does not try to sell honeyed words to the public. But he is a man who believes in America and will crush China’s greed, which is truly the biggest threat. Just look at what is happening in the Phillipines, Russia and North Korea lately. They are all allies with the Chinese and they think America is neutered since China owns so much of our debt. Trump will defy them all and put them back in their place, then put America back in its place as the powerful, moral leader of the free world.

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