Obama Punches Immortal Soul out of Christian Trump Supporter

A new image that shows Obama punching the soul out of a captive Donald Trump supporter is quickly spreading through social media.

Hours ago new polls showed that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has cut Hillary Clinton’s lead down to only 1 percentage point.

[adinserter block=”3″]For nearly eight years conservative news media has detailed how the Obama’s have spent unprecedented millions to go onto secretive vacations and excursions.  While liberal media tried to paint all of Obama’s vacations as a normal part of the presidency, detailed analysis reveals that many of Obama’s excursions were actually quests to obtain relics of power from mankind’s history.

obama-punching-soul[adinserter block=”6″]Eyewitnesses report that in recent weeks, Obama and Clinton have conspired to round up ‘deplorables‘ from various cities.   Once detained, these ‘deplorables’ are being forced to ‘promise their vote to Clinton’ (as also seen with Bernie Sanders supporters).  Those who don’t are purportedly sent to a secretive gulag prison that Obama has operated with funds diverted from Guantanamo Bay.

A concerned intern-turned-mole within the Obama administration leaked the photo to the media community and now it is spreading through social media.  Scholars theorize that the picture confirms Obama has gained mastery of ‘forces beyond that of a normal man’ and will likely fulfill ancient Babylonian prophecy of inflicting plague and damnation upon the righteous before leaving office in two months.

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    Janice G. says

    Nothing shocks me with this Obama anymore. Obama casts the very soul out of a man. These are truly the end times.

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    Dustin says

    Last week I put my Trump/Pence sign in my yard and a guy in a car that drove by yelled, “You Trump supporters have no souls!”. Now I know Obama is sending people out to make threats on us and try to scare us from voting.

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