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Donald Trump Offers Free KFC To Blacks Who Attend Next Rally, ‘You Can’t Resist This Stuff’

Inspired by his recent visit to an African-American church service in Detroit, Donald Trump is now saying he understands the ‘hearts and souls’ of black people like never before and knows how to get them to show up in full force to his next rally: offer free Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Sources close to the Trump campaign report the epiphany came to Trump when after service, several parishioners invited him to come eat in the Fellowship Hall. On the menu were several family dinners ordered from a nearby KFC. There Trump continued to discuss life, politics and his campaign with people in between bites of fried chicken. It was there that eyewitnesses report Trump leaned over to his African-American relations adviser and said, “You should have told me about this fried chicken fellowship’.

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Throughout the dinner Donald Trump doubled-down on his prior statements, according to sources, that the African-American community has been the victim of failed policies and politcking from the Democratic party.

Trump expressed he believes that since the 1960s, there have not been enough business opportunities and capitalistic endeavors focused on the black community, something that he believes he can spearhead given his storied history in finance and business.

Another eyewitness at the dinner overheard Trump speaking to who was identified as his ‘race relations adviser.  Trump told her, “You can’t resist this stuff [KFC].  I like it too.  We should have KFC at all of our interracial rallies, it will be great.  No one will resist”


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