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Trump Vows To ‘Cage Crooked Hillary Clinton’ and Charge Her with Crimes Against America

At an impromptu rally and parade in Indiana, Donald Trump went on the offensive and declared all-out-war against Hillary Clinton.  Trump allegedly commissioned a float and promised he would ‘cage crooked Hillary Clinton and charge her with crimes against America’.

[adinserter block=”6″]When prompted to answer what crimes he would levy against Clinton, Trump answered, “She lied about the emails, she lied about Benghazi, she is trying to intimidate my people and just look at her face.  You know it is guilty.”

thcLegal analysts report that the crimes Trump alleges against Hillary likely do not constitute anything a sitting president could actively pursue against his opponent.  When confronted with this information, Trump said, “we’ll see what they [analysts] have to say when they are sitting in the gulags with Hillary.”


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