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Two Teens shot while playing Pokemon Go


A man called police in the earlier morning hours after he saw two teens outside his home in car making noises. He over heard them say, “Did you get anything” in reference to the Pokemon Go application.

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The man drew his gun and aimed it at the teens ordering them to “not move”. The man scared the teens so bad that they panicked and drove off. The man also claims that the teens charged at him with the vehicle. The man shot at the car several times, but luckily none of the teens were hurt.

2 Teens Shot While Playing 'Pokemon Go'

Two teens were shot at while playing 'Pokémon Go’ near someone’s house

Posted by NowThis on Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Is this how we want people to react to the Pokemon world? This isn’t how Pokemon works. Pokemon is supposed to be a caring and loving process of responsibility! And, just like everything else in the nation, Americans are ruining a great past time for Pokemon trainers who are just trying to catch them all. Please, be safe out there.

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