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Donald Trump Holds Unique Cheetos Contest To Help Find Running Mate


With the elections coming to a dramatic turn for the worst, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are now searching for their running mates to take on one another in the upcoming race for president.

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Donald Trump has found a unique way to find his running mate; Cheetos. The billionaire has partnered with the Frito company and has designed a ‘unique Cheetos’ contest. The winner of this contest will not only be chosen as the running mate of Donald Trump, but will also win an astounding $150,000 in prize money.

Submissions will be judged on three categories, according to the official rules:

Visual interest: “How unique is your Cheetos snack and how well does it match your description”

Buzzworthiness: “How buzz-worthy is your Cheetos snack, title and description”?

Creativity: “How creative is your title and description of the…snack”?

If you can’t find that diamond in the rough, don’t worry. Frito-Lay is also running their own Golden Ticket-esque game as well. Inside 10 bags of Cheetos lie 10 different game pieces, “representing specific Cheetos Museum shapes, hidden inside specially marked bags, “Frito-Lay says in the release.” The 10 lucky fans to uncover these pieces of art will win an ultimate family vacation (worth $10,000) to one of the cities represented by the game pieces.”

This is sure to win over the public and help rally them into politics. The deadline for the contest ends this September.


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