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Hillary Clinton Visits Cage of Captured Bernie Sanders Supporters, Vows to Release Them if They Switch Their Vote

Operatives within the Hillary Clinton campaign leaked an image onto social media today that clearly shows the democrat presidential candidate visiting American citizens who have been detained behind a fence.

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Desperate for food and water, beleaguered Bernie Sanders supporters who were captured and caged by Hillary Clinton’s operatives beg for food and water. Insiders reveal the victims were abducted before a caucus where Bernie Sanders was expected to win, but suddenly his vowed online supporters ‘stopped showing up to the polls’.

Insider reports indicate over the last few months, Hillary Clinton has regularly used her political influence to arrest Bernie Sanders supporters and hold them indefinitely at abandoned Obama Fema camps.

It is said that those who are held in the camps have been known to support Bernie Sanders. Clinton uses third-party ‘breakers’ to torment the citizens various techniques, all until they are exhausted and desperate to go home.

This is allegedly when Clinton pays them a personal visit, sifting water and small candies through fences that bound abandoned Fema camps.  Desperate to leave and get back to normal life, people are being forced to sign contracts alleging their vote and online support to Hillary Clinton.

According to eyewitnesses, Clinton’s staffers make it clear that if the people she has captured reneg on their deal to show her ‘total support’, she will be paying them a visit after she takes office and she will make sure their lives are ‘a living nightmare’.

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