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NBA Forced to Suspend Steph Curry In Game 7 For Violently Assaulting Fan with Mouthpiece

After a night of watching NBA bad-boy Steph Curry violently assault LeBron James and the rest of the Cavaliers, NBA referees had no choice but to finally throw the fiery shooter out of the game after he violently threw a mouthpiece at an innocent Cleveland Cavalier fan.

curry assaults fanCurry tried to intimidate the referees into not calling him out, but then snapped out of his rage and remembered the cameras were rolling. All LeBron and the rest of the innocent Cavs could do was look on in shock and wonder how such cheating ruffians could be allowed to play NBA basketball.

The referees had been more than lenient to the rough-and-tumble Warriors all night, letting them get away with blatant fouls against LeBron, JR Smith and Kyrie Irving. Thankfull, the NBA officials stepped in and said ‘enough is enough’ when Curry started turning his anger against the innocent fans of Cleveland.

[adinserter block=”6″]It is no surprise that Curry is being kicked out of game seven. It is the only way to make sure to keep the fans safe and make sure Curry doesn’t try to give LeBron a career ending injury.

Watch: Steph Curry Assaults Fan with Mouthpiece, Picks on Lebron James and NBA Officials

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