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Obama Invents New Spray Technology to Turn White People Black

Barack Obama has invented a new serum that when sprayed onto human skin with aerosol, can turn a white person into a black person.  This is clearly a scheme hatched by the Democratic National Committee to sneak up on good Republican voters in the Midwest, spray them with this chemical concoction, then watch as they writhe, turn race, and then register to vote democrat Hillary Clinton instead of Trump in the next election.

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Voters in the Midwest are in a state of panic as reports of aerosol attacks have increased. Kansas reports that within the last month, the number of ‘non-white’ voters has suddenly increased and standard families have gone missing. Lawmakers have created new voting laws to make sure that those voting in the state are not actually the victims of this new Obama technology.

CkhwSo_WgAAVZ8p-1-320x320“Once sprayed, the victim will writhe on the ground and wake up with no memories of their past life. They wake up and assume that they have always been a black person,” reports Dr. Prajdip Patel of the CDC.

Investigators speculate that Obama and Hillary Clinton are using campaign funds to hire local supporters to spray innocent families and plant ‘fake images and history’ into their homes, making them think they have always been black.

“With the way society is these days, their neighbors dare not say anything, lest they be deemed politically incorrect.”

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