Donald Trump Sends American Bald Eagle after Canadian Snow Goose to Warn Canadians of American Dominance

Trump is reminding Canadians that their military is weak and they are only allowed to exist as a country because America allows it.  When Donald Trump takes office after the next presidential election, liberal hippy Justin Trudeau is going to have this image seared in his brain.

President Trump will not tolerate Canadians having loose borders that are open to communists and terrorists.  If they refuse to follow Trump’s lead, America will descend upon them as the magnificent eagle is this plump and tender snow goose.

trump sends american attack eagleAs can be seen in the powerful image, Canada’s national bird — a snow goose — fears for its life and flees an American bald eagle that was trained by Donald Trump.

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    Dan Pelham says

    Is it just me, or is this American election the biggest circus I have ever seen in my 35 young years on this planet. Wow this fella is really something else. Good luck American citizens is all I’ve got to say if he is in fact elected.

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    Chris says

    It’s a Canada goose, not a snow goose. Duh.

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