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Golden State Fans Agree That Kansas Coach Bill Self Needs to Coach Golden State For One Game After Witnessing The Loss Against LeBron James


After witnessing the dramatic and unexpected loss of yesterday’s game against the mighty Lebron James, Golden State fans have all agreed that Kansas coach for the KU Jayhawks, Bill Self, needs to coach the team for one day to get them back into their groove.

Bill Self has been known have a tough love type of attitude towards his players with a touch of good old fashioned country manners. Bill Self would need a day if even that to get the Golden State Warriors back into their groove and out their funk they are in.

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Coach Steve Kerr is a great coach, there is no denying that, but sometimes you need to yell a little bit to get the message across. Some fans speculate that Coach Kerr is a little bit too ‘lovey dovey’ to the players when become injured or need to be taken out of the game for other medical reasons. It’s great he’s passionate, but sometimes you need to be a man and not a passionate mother.

We can only hope that Bill Self can feed his inner coaching spirit into Steve Kerr and the Warriors get back into the winning groove that they were in. Also let’s see some hustle towards the basket instead of walking and some serious defense not just standing by and watching the game ! Hoy!

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