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Stephen Curry To Turn Down (For What?) 2016 Olympic Invitation


NBA Most Valuable Player, Stephen Curry, said he will not be joining other athletes in the 2016 Olympic games in Rio. His injuries from the previous games have left him to recover slowly and steadily. Anything reckless and unwarranted would and could lead to traumatic muscle tears in his knees and ankles permitted he accept the invitation to Rio.

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Steph Curry stated in an interview with Yahoo Sports News,

“My previous experiences with USA Basketball have been incredibly rewarding, educational and enjoyable, which made this an extremely difficult decision for me and my family,” Curry said in a statement to the media on Monday, after news of his withdrawal was broken by Thompson. “However, due to several factors — including recent ankle and knee injuries — I believe this is the best decision for me at this stage of my career.”

Curry also told Yahoo Sports News,

“It’s an incredible honor to represent your country and wear ‘USA’ on your chest, but my primary basketball-related objective this summer needs to focus on my body and getting ready for the 2016-17 NBA season,”

Stephen Curry has been dubbed one of the greatest National Basketball Heroes of all time right up there next to Shaq, Micheal Jordan, and Kobe Bryant.

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