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Obama Orders Turkey to ‘Destroy Russian Plane’, It Was ‘Destroying Too Many Terrorists’

New reports reveal that Barack Obama ordered NATO member Turkey to shoot down a Russian jet that was flying sorties throughout terror-rich regions of Syria.  The pilot flying the jet was like the ‘Red Baron’ of World War II, taking out dozens of targets a day.

Now reports confirm Russia’s greatest pilot has been downed over Syria.

According to sources, Obama has been upset ever since Russia declared war on terrorists and started to bomb targets that are believed to be associated with ISIS.

turkey downs russian plane

A Russian jet burns through the sky after Obama ordered Turkey to ‘shoot it down’.

Not one liberal media outlet guessed that Obama would have the audacity to rekindle Cold War tensions and to risk World War III.

Russia confirms that its SU-35 aircraft has been downed and terrorists from the Syrian region are showing photographs of two pilots, who some sources are now saying are either being held hostage or have already been killed by terrorists in Syria.

Turkey confirms the downed craft, citing that the Russian jet violated its airspace.  Russia maintains the craft was in pursuit of terrorists and that when traveling at mach 2, a distance of 3,000 kilometers can be flown in under 4 seconds, meaning Turkey was waiting for near-border opportunities to shoot down the Russian craft.

This is all working in favor of Obama, who for some reason did not want terrorists in Syria to be bombed in the first place.  What Obama envisions is a great war between China, a reformed USSR and the USA, where upon the ashes of global destruction he can arise in a new kingdom of liberal darkness as the supreme leader.

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