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Democrats Gain Support to Rename Washington, DC to Obama, DC

Congressional democrats are currently campaigning in their locales to change the name of Washington, DC to Obama, DC.

648x415_barack-obama-a-washington-dc-9-mars-2015After weeks of intense lobbying from BlackLivesMatter protestors, several powerful Democratic senators and house democrats are funding ‘grassroots’ precinct petition campaigns to gather enough support to remove the name Washington, DC, from the nation’s capital.

The argument is that since George Washington owned slaves, the name is highly sensitive to African-Americans and is partially responsible for the higher-demographic crime rate associated with young African-American males.  With Obama being the first president of direct African and Caucasian descent, liberals argue that renaming the US capital in his honor would ‘make more people feel like they are part of this nation.’

While conservatives are balking at the notion, the movement to rename Washington, DC to Obama, DC is gaining support.

Several months ago, the same people behind the Obama, DC movement successfully petitioned to replace Andrew Jackson with Harriett Tubman on the $20 bill.  Hillary Clinton has already promised that her first act as president will be to destroy all money with Andrew Jackson on it and replace it with Harriett Tubman.

Democrats are also planning to dismantle the Jefferson Monument, citing that like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson was also a slave owner and his presence in the nation’s capital is ‘offensive to everyone’.  The nationwide polls and petitions are being used as a political barometer of how people in different states feel about the issue, but Republicans warn that democrats are only distributing these polls in areas that typically vote liberal in most matters.


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