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Jeb Bush: “Elect Me President And I Will Travel Back In Time To Kill Baby Hitler”

As the 2016 Presidential elections draw nearer, Republican candidate Jeb Bush doubled-down on his campaign promise to ‘time travel to kill Baby Hitler’.

English: Official photo of former Florida Gove...

English: Official photo of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bush’s answer is in response to a question initially posed by the New York Times.  If America did develop the ability to time travel, would he use it to prevent one of the greatest travesties of the 20th century?

The question was surely meant as a Catch-22, as if Bush said ‘no’, then people would have ridiculed him for not taking a chance to stop Hitler.  But then again, answering yes means that you would be willing to go back in time and track a baby down due to baby’s future political bearing.

Bush should have seen through the liberal ruse and gave a practical response to the silly question.  With time travel technology, the US should bring its modern military to the year 1776, where England could be put in its place and the world was forced to kneel to America.

Instantly, the world would be transformed into a freedom-loving planet that obeyed God’s law and was adorned in red, white and blue.


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