Starbucks Helps Lesbians Declare War on Christmas, Place ‘Lillith’ The Goddess of Lesbianism on Christmas Cups to Replace Jesus

Lesbian baristas who tend to work at Starbucks have used their position of power to promote not only a lesbian agenda to customers, but to destroy Christmas.

It is a well-known fact that the corporate world is powered by high-end coffees.  With pithy corporate executives forced to work early morning hours to keep their companies competitive, they must find a good source of status-quot coffee to start their day and show they are in charge.

[adinserter block=”1″]Powerful liberals understand this fact and have thus encouraged young lesbians to start ‘exciting careers’ in the barista industry.  By working at local Starbucks nationwide, lesbians have slowly and silently become a part of the morning routine for countless doctors, lawyers and business executives.  Without knowing it, millions of Americans livelihoods depend on baristas knowing their specific blend of morning caffeine, creams and sugars.  The hands of lesbianism are literally the morning spark to their lives.

lesbian starbucks cups christmas

Starbucks holiday cups are promoting lesbianism and not Christianity this Christmas season. This is a power-play by the powerful corporate lesbian community to subconsciously influence top-tier Americans who depend on Starbucks-issued caffeines to have a successful day at work.

Lesbians are now revealing the true hand they have been playing all along with these holiday cups.  Instead of showing the nativity scene, or even a Christmas tree with the Star of David on top, these lesbian baristas are handing out morning coffee with the Goddess of Lesbianism herself –Lilith– on a rich crimson red that symbolizes ‘owning’ the flow of womanhood and Christmas in one gross symbolic display.

Subconsciously, this Christmas season millions of the most powerful people will find pleasure drinking from a chalice that is adorned with the symbols of lesbianism.  Even more concerning, how about those hard-nosed corporate executive women who have forgone a family life to focus on the company?  This subtle introduction to lesbianism may be all it takes to ask their barista out for a ‘weekend’ and then be dominated by a buxom college twenty-something who can cause buckling of the thighs with just a flicker of the skilled lesbian tongue, to cause these powerful Hillary-Clinton types to fall into the life of lesbianism and promote their agenda.

Christians have every right to be upset about this cups and all they represent.  Lesbians are taking the liberal agenda to dangerously new levels that can cause the top tier of American society to turn their back to conservative faith, and embrace the gender-defying busom of Lilith the Lesbian with open arms.

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    Pete McNeil says

    Is this real? Are you serious?

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    Liz Romanski says


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    Emma says

    This is fucking hilarious, and literally all they got right is the fact that Lilith is a dyke.

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