Obama Declares 6th Annual War on Christmas, Vows to ‘Destroy Baby Jesus’ in 2015

As December 25, 2015, approaches, Barack Obama prepares for his favorite day to ruin the lives of Christians worldwide.

obama war on christmas

In 2014, Obama infamously invited Christian children to the White House on Christmas day with their parents. Families were treated to cookies and punch before being taken to the South Lawn to meet Obama ‘for a big surprise’. Little did they know that Obama was waiting to forever destroy their children’s earliest memories of Christmas as seen in the image.

Eyewitnesses report that nationwide, shopping malls with connection to Obama and the Illuminati are silently replacing Christmas trees and nativity scenes with melting glaciers.

Instead of using Christmas as a time to promote family and teaching the unsaved world about the birth of the Lord and Savior, Obama is using the Christmas season to push the global warming agenda.

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One of the favorite schemes of the liberal socialists is painting mankind’s future as bleak and dystopian, all unless the federal government is given control of all businesses, churches and families.

Obama wants to make it seem that everyone will drown in a frigid sea of Arctic slush so that they can be scared into giving himself, Hillary Clinton and Bernie ‘no middle name’ Sanders control, so that Jesus can be destroyed.

Obama has meticulously fought a war on Christians and the American family, so we should not be shocked to see him taking it to the next level and making the birth of baby Jesus a forgotten relic of humanity’s past.

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    Adam D. Bach says

    Are these Fundi-F#### SERIOUS? !

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