World Series: Obama Placing Homosexual Human DNA In Ballpark Hotdogs

The CDC confirms that human DNA has been found in hotdogs that were meant to be served to baseball fans who attended the world series.

A mole within the Obama administration made a post on Wikileaks late Friday night that contained a ‘detailed plan’ of Obama’s to ensure baseball fans were consuming hotdogs that contained the restrictive enzyme EcoR1, which would attack genes related to personality and then deliver an inserted payload of genetic homosexual in the form of gay human DNA.

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635813951682146344-ThinkstockPhotos-89528874After eating the hotdogs, men would have an unwavering desire to feel sensual and get an overwhelming feeling of pleasure as they put hotdog after hotdog in their mouth, the sweaty aroma of spent testosterone from professional athletes on the field only fueling and confusing their homosexual desire with each homosexual-DNA laden hotdog consumed.

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The Christian Defense League of Texas is warning fans who attend baseball games to read an independent investigation into the phenomena.

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    karen peace says

    i’m almost afraid to say how hard I laughed at this… some of us need a little artfully twisted humor in this bizarre world — and in the face of a bizarre election, too….

  2. Reply
    Josh D says

    Should have known that as soon as we saw the Cubs making the world series that something was wrong. With these hotdogs being slipped into the games you have to wonder if this is all part of Obama’s plan to take down a major American city and make it a full liberal utopia. Remember Obama decided to take residence in Chicago for years and put one of his cronies, Ram Emanuel, there to oversee it is his absence.

    Chicago has been one of Obama’s pet projects to turn it into a major liberal hub and what better way than to turn all the baseball fans over to homosexuality. My brother was at game two and he said the hot dogs were super cheap and being pushed hard onto the fans. He doesn’t eat processed meats so luckily he didn’t partake but he did see men ‘acting odd’ and more handsy as the games progressed. This is all just a mess.

  3. Reply
    Jamie G says

    You can just look at those hot dogs and tell that something is not right with them. Please fans do not eat the stadium hot dogs just trust the ones you eat at the tail gate made by your family.

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