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Liberal PM Justin Trudeau Vows ‘Universal Marijuana’ Laws for Canada

A record number of socialists in Canada turned out in mass to elect Justin Trudeau prime minister of the nation.  Trudeau’s campaign largely hinged on one topic:  the legalization of marijuana.

canadian marijuanaFor those not in the know, Canadian marijuana is one of the most dangerous drug compounds on Earth.   Studies reveal that after alcohol, marijuana is the leading cause of traffic crashes and fatalities in Canada.

Despite the fact that increased and legalized usage of the drug will statistically increase the number of fatal marijuana-induced traffic incidents, Canadians are still rallying to support Trudeau and his liberal platform of cultural destruction.

Due to recent events in Canada, many conservative American lobby groups are debating the need of a massive border wall between the America and Canada.

Canadians simply cannot be trusted if they are always going to smoke their marijuana.  It is better to put up a wall and use whatever force necessary to keep their drugs out of America.  Due to Trump’s vigilance in building a wall on the America-Mexico border, many expect that Trudeau’s liberalism will prompt more Americans to support Trump if he also promises an equally tall and deadly wall built on America’s northern border.

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