Liberal Darkness in Canada: New Prime Minister Trudeau Orders ‘Removal of Crosses and Indexing of Christians’

Only days after taking over Canada and purging the last of Canadian Christians from the government, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has enacted a fast string of policies that will cripple morality in Canada and cause the nation to become nothing but a faithless land of Liberal Darkness.

trudeau removes crosses from church

Canada’s new liberal government is removing crosses from churches, including the famous red cross at Quebec’s Saint des Saints Basilica.

Sources confirm that Trudeau’s main goals are to ‘legalize marijuana and wipe Jesus from the history books’.   Trudeau has gone as far as to challenge Americans to ‘vote for Bernie Sanders’, so the two nations can likely merge into a powerful socialist empire that will force Christians to move into more Catholic-friendly third world countries like Mexico or Cuba.

Trudeau plans to make Canada a ‘liberal’s paradise’ by legalizing the dangerous gateway drug marijuana.  Despite the fact that marijuana smoke is shown to cause moral decay and causes neurological decay far worse than seen with amphetamine compounds, the drug keeps people complicit and morally loose, which is a central tenet for successful liberal rule.

Sources close to the Trudeau administration confirm that American democrats are conspiring with Canada to create a marijuana-border trade that will allow more potent Canadian maple-salvia strains into the US, which will greatly influence the outcome of the 2016 elections.

Justin Trudeau, Canada's prime minister-elect and leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, and his wife Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau wave to supporters on election night in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2015. Trudeau's Liberal Party swept into office with a surprise majority, ousting Prime Minister Stephen Harper and capping the biggest comeback election victory in Canadian history. Photographer: Kevin Van Paassen/Bloomerg

Justin Trudeau plans to cast Canada into a new age of Liberal Darkness, where Jesus is destroyed and forgotten and marijuana is smoked freely by the citizens who frolic clothesless in the winter streets, warming their bodies by vigorous displays of lusty moans and gyrations upon one another.

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Canada’s recent election must serve as the harbinger of cultural Armageddon for Republicans in America.

If Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders manages to win the 2016 elections, Christians will have nowhere to hide or flee as the North American landmass will be controlled by morally deprived liberals who love to do drugs, torment the righteous and bask in the seas of iniquity.

Trudeau is a confessed socialist, a communist by any description.  With Russia, Canada, Alaska, Canada, North America and Cuba all in one long string of proximal operation, one must fear if Soviet communism is afoot and spreading.

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    A Jensen says

    He and his liberals are ruining Canada and what it stands for. Making it an Muslim country. Which is not what they wanted. Or vote for if his father was forced to resign. The same should happen to Justin. His liberal ways are destroying everything Canada once stood for.

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