Poll: 9 of 10 Bernie Sanders Supporters Are Communists Who Want to Destroy Money and Jesus

Americans should beware because it has finally happened:  the Red Scare is here and its body the Bernie Sander’s presidential campaign.

There are global powers who want to see the American Dream destroyed.  These people dislike Jesus Christ, Republican conservatism and Big Oil.  You will hear these people disrespecting American business and trying to convince Americans to give up their guns and reduce the size of their army, but all this talk is just a means to veil their true machinations of usurping America’s wealth and destroying the weaponless citizens as they take over the country from within.

Young, foolish and gullible Americans will eat Bernie Sanders’ demagoguery up and talk about how “Bernie Sanders is there to ‘buck’ the system”.  What they don’t realize is Bernie Sanders is the system.  The people who are the puppet operators, the Illumanati if you will, are one if the same with Bernie Sanders.

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont

Larry David masterfully proved that by acting like a character from Seinfeld, Bernie Sanders has become the cultural zeitgeist for impressionable Americans who aren’t adverse to traveling the dangerous road to 3rd world communism.

Sanders is poising himself as an element of cultural zeitgeist zeitgeist to gain the support of young voters, then stab them in the back once if they realize his devious ploy involves anarchy and displacing Christians.  He is not here to save the traditional American Middle Class.  The bigshots are sitting back in their offices, appointing their henchman CEO to the majority of American businesses and enterprises, amazed at how easy it is for them to wholly groom a generation of Americans to support and live communist ideals that will destroy America.

All while Sanders is preaching for America to turn its back against its ways, it seems that China is embracing capitalism.   It is no coincidence that the year China is poising its economy to be the world’s most dominant economy and is building up the Pacific Ocean to stage a West Coast invasion of America, that Bernie Sanders is simultaneously trying to convince Americans to riot at the banks and have a political revolution to overthrow the majority GOP senate.

Those who dare not riot for Bernie Sanders today will be those who have their names listed on lists and will be arrested and destroyed come 2016 if the communists have their way.

How Will Bernie Sanders Destroy Jesus, Big Oil and the American Way?

[adinserter block=”1″]Sanders supporters are already warning Americans to ‘Feel the Bern’.  This is nothing but revolutionary, Che Guevara political speak that is meant to terrorize Christians, Republicans and hardworking, bread-and-butter traditional American families in the Midwest.

Liberals would love nothing more than to ‘Bern the churches, Bern the GOP, Bern the system!’ because as the polls show, the majority of them are anarchists who are wearing campaign shirts that blatantly show Bernie Sanders as the reincarnated Che Guevara.

If Bernie takes office, he will take your guns.  He will smile and wave his big hands all around, the liberals clapping and calling him the Savior of a lifetime.  He will then send his armed military after the ‘big banks’ to not tear them down, but to ensure the people he wants running them have full control.

Again, the liberals will cheer and chant his praises.  Bernie will then ‘Bern the GOP’, already having figured out which members of the armed forces are Christian and Republican and forcing them to resign to join the gunless public.

It’s at this point Bernie will, without a doubt, do what America’s enemies have yearned to do since the nation was founded:  Bern the churches and the system.

Republicans will be forced from their homes and be left with nothing but sticks and stones to defend themselves as Bernie turns America into a socialist utopia that worships his every word and action.  The schools will be Christless, the the businesses will be ran by a few elite and the media will start to refer to the Republican-Christian resistance as terrorists who needed to be hunted down.

The heat map below is rapidly spreading on conservative social media.  It is shows the dismal fate for Christian America since the Reagan era as liberals like Clinton and Obama and outright communistic socialists like Bernie Sanders are stealing Christian land and giving it to liberal hordes who relish in a life of greed and wanton carnality.

bernie sanders takeover of america


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  1. Reply
    DmonCeede says

    We’re coming to get you, BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Feel the Bern, bitches!

  2. Reply
    Cass says

    I’ve said this all along. The Democratic party will not be satisfied until Christians either renounce their faith or face being rounded up and thrown into a detention center.

    Obama recently let tens of thousands of drug offenders out of jail to make room for the righteous.

  3. Reply
    Vern Scot says

    Finally a website that speaks the truth about our communist president and his homosexual atheist agenda. Our founding fathers like Abroham Lincon and Benjamin Buttons wrote the constitution to protect Christians from MOSLEMS and now they’re being trampled by a socialist who wasn’t even born in this country! Trump 2016!

    • Reply
      MrTokumei says

      When people figure out to use the internet and actually look up factual information with credible sources instead of believing everything they read on left-wing or right-wing biased websites, is the day that I can actually read a comment feed and be able to have an intellectual dialogue without someone calling me a communist or uneducated.

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