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Bernie Sanders Is A Closet Soviet Mercenary Sent To Destroy Jesus and America

After the first Democratic debate it has become painfully obvious that the United States of America is once more infested with Democratic socialists who want to destroy America’s values, Christian tradition and Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Radical liberals are trying to convince everyone Bernie Sanders won the first Democratic presidential debate, because some Internet trolls from website skewed online reports to make it look like Hillary Clinton or runner-up Lincoln Chaffee somehow did not win.

commie bernie sanders and kim jong un

Media footage shows Bernie Sanders conspiring with Kim Jong Un to test out some sort of remote-controlled air missiles that will be used to destroy America and its allies.

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It is important to understand Bernie Sanders is twice as dangerous as Barack Obama.

Even though Obama is determined to turn America into a Sharia law utopia that celebrates Marxism, he still has trouble getting his agenda across because he is African-Kenyan and the Democratic party traditionally dislikes the Constitution, especially the 13th Amendment signed by a Republican president.

Bernie Sanders is a socialist.  He is cut from the same cloth as Karl Marx, Khrushchev and Lenin.   These are all men who wanted nothing more than to crucify all Americans and force them to say ‘God is not real’ as the Russian flag was raised in Washington, DC.  Voting for Bernie Sanders is a vote against God and country.


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