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Obama’s $500 Million ‘Train a Syrian Rebel’ Program Produces Only ‘4 or 5’ Fighting Rebels, Finally Being Caught Off

After wasting over $500 million of American taxpayer money to rain and equip Syrian rebels, the Obama Administration is finally putting an end to its ill-advised ‘train a Syrian rebel’ program after the Pentagon announced the program only produced ‘4 or 5’ rebels who are actually fighting in Syria.  The program’s goal was to have 5,400 trained rebels by this date, and 15,000 over the next 3 years.

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images (4)The Obama Administration confirmed that the program failed to produce any ground combat forces capable of taking on the Islamic State in Syria, reports the New York Times.  The White House announced that Obama will make a speech on the subject later to officially announce his ending of the short-sighted, wasteful and dangerous program.

Even more ridiculous than the $500 million wasted on the program is one special caveat:  its success hinged on identifying Syrians who seemed to be ‘moderate’ in their views and were not likely to use their training and weapons against the United States’ interest.


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