Parents Discover Obama Using Public Schools to Indoctrinate Their Children with Radial Islam

Bakersfield, CA – In this homework assignment, we can see Obama’s Department of Education is using public schools to indoctrinate America’s children with Islam.

Even though liberals love to claim there is a separation of Church and State so they can strip traditional American holidays like Christmas and the 4th of July out of school, we see kids are being taught Sharia law and forced to listen to Islamic prayers or they will get an ‘F’ on their assignments.

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12105904_10207797473084163_7776301504497117294_nNotice that kids are even being encouraged to download electronic terrorism via QR codes on their iPhone.  When they load that QR code into their phone, their phones are being coded with ‘6 6 6’ just like the Bible warned.

To be able to complete their assignments their phones must be synced up to some database operated by the Obama administration that illegally tracks the whereabouts of the children, so Obama can see if they are going to Christian church or sneaking of to mosques and madrasas.  That way, the liberals behind this scheme can see if their indoctrination is working.

The Christian Defense League of Texas warns parents with children in public schools to remain vigilant and check to see if their kids know anything about Islam. The CDL warns parents to beware the following symptoms:

  1.  Building ‘alarm clocks’ and taking them to school.
  2.  Daughter insists on wearing dark hoodies that cover most of her face.
  3.  Speaking unfamiliar words
  4.  Excessive praying:  Any prayers outside the normal praying before bed, dinner and for the outcome of a sports game
  5. Growing a thick beard (especially for college-aged children)

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    Heath Harrington says

    Learning of other’s belief’s is called education. When I lived in Texas I remember around Christmas time learn about a lot a different beliefs. That was 5th grade and I’m 40. Church is for faith. School is for learning. Islam is not evil. Don’t let a few bad apples spoil the barrel.

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