God Forced to Flood South Carolina, Gays To Blame

Gays have once again forced God’s hand of wrath into action. South Carolina used to be one of the most conservative Christian states in America, but in the last few months no one has been brave enough to take a bold stance against Gay Marriage.

Now, the entire state is paying the price.

Flooding from heavy rain swamps the intersection of Huger Street and King Street in Charleston, S.C. on Saturday, Oct 3, 2015. The National Weather Service says the risk of flooding will continue through Monday morning, especially in parts of North and South Carolina that already have gotten up to 11 inches of rain this week. Forecasters say some areas could see storm totals as high as 15 inches. (Matthew Fortner/The Post And Courier via AP) Locals are being forced to flee their homes and fjord large drifts of water in the street.  Forecasters are calling it the worst rain in ‘over 200 years‘.

The National Weather Service predicts the source of the flood, Hurricane Joaquin (which translates to unleashed by The Lord), will abate by Tuesday.  But the message is clear:  winter will be long and hard for America, because the Supreme Court betrayed America’s Christian tradition by allowing gay marriage.

But the sin is not only federal:  every state is guilty because only one clerk, Kim Davis of Kentucky, is trying to protect the Constitution by keeping America attached to the moral tradition set forth by its founding fathers.

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    Joshua Hopkins says

    Under the assumption that Dennis wrote this since it was posted by him, go fall back into your hole that you’ve been living in Dennis. The world is changing and if you can’t accept it, you won’t fit in. If Dennis was not the one who wrote this, I apologize. If Dennis agrees with the article, and anyone else who does, the above statement applies to you.

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    Anthony says

    You going to hell for false preaching… Nd God has nothing to do with the flooding, its something called Mother Nature.

  3. Reply
    bryan says

    Who ever wrote this is a complete fucking idiot and needs to be punched in the face.

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    ELEXIS says

    I don’t believe that we have so many ignorant people in this world. With all the damn hatred, racism ,killing ,violence, going on in this world you go and say because of LGBT people. Really get the fuck out of here excuse my language but 9-11, New Orleans (katrina) was for what then….I’ll wait OK exactly bullshit yall ought that holly people need to read yall bibles again because I know yall are breaking more than one of the 10 commandments and need to try again…..hell look at the government. …stop being dumb and blind and look at bigger pictures.

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