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Visibly Angry Obama Refuses To Issue Standard Prayers and Condolences and Just Go Along His Way After Shooting Tragedy at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College

Breaking rank with the standard post-school process, Barack HUSSEIN Obama refused to offer a simple prayer and condolences to the victims and their families in the standard presidential speech that’s supposed to happen after these tragedies take place.

Instead, Obama decided to improvise a speech against gun rights and the First Amendment.  Obama dared to say that ‘prayers and condolences are not enough’.  Sure, this is the 41st time since the Sandy Hook massacre that a deadly school shooting has happened in the US and the 140th time in a year, but those are all coincidental data points.

A visibly angry Barack Obama took to stage and mocked America’s tradition by saying prayers and condolences will not fix the ‘issue’ of school shootings in America.    Instead of trying to comfort families suffering and just saying the right words and letting America move along and eventually heal from the tragedy as they see cute cat videos on the Internet and get caught up in the other minutia of life and fresh media headlines, Obama is trying to make an issue of this to address how guns are distributed in America.

Let’s get one thing clear:  this is a tragedy.  Every decent American should be praying.  They should be offering condolences.  Shame on Obama for trying to do anything more than that in this tragic situation.

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